Out production facility has operated since 1954, when processing flax started at Krāslava flax processing plant.

In 2007, industrial equipment for processing of hemp stems was installed in the production facility, as a result such products as shove, staple, etc. are obtained in line with the industry standards and ensuring environmentally friendly processing without any waste. Experience obtained over 60 years of operation, allows us to produce high-quality industrial hemp products retaining their natural qualities. The production process is improved continuously by modern technologies, and efficient working process, obtaining nature and human friendly industrial hemp products. The area of sown hemp was 80 ha in 2007, 97 ha in 2008, 110 ha in 2009, expanding every year.


Hemp is an old and unique plant that can provide different products for wide range of uses. Previously, hemp staple was the key material for production of tows, ropes, and sail cloth. Nowadays, hemp is used in several industries, including medicine, food production, textile industry, paper industry, construction, etc.

Industrial hemp (canabis sativa) is an industrial crop with a high-quality natural staple, pulp (shove), and seeds. During cultivation, we do not use any artificial, and chemically synthesised pesticides, as hemp does not require a protection of such toxic substances. Currently, after pre-processing of industrial hemp stems, our production facility offers its customers two products, hemp staple, and hemp shove that serve as raw material for production of numerous products. Parameters of stems depend on the species, sowing norm, cultivation conditions, harvesting technology, and pre-processing. Product can differ by its colour – from light to dark –, durability, and length – it is possible to obtain staple that is up to 3,000 mm long.

Hemp Fiber

Hemp Shives

Hemp fibre is used in the light industry, in production of textiles, ropes, canvas, heat insulation of buildings. Fiber or stem coat forms up to 30% of the plant with a small addition of shove up to 5% after pre-processing. The colour – light or dark –, durability, and length (it is possible to obtain staple that is up to 3,000 mm long) depend on the harvesting technology. Fiber consists of 80% cellulose, and 5% lignin. Non-toxic material. Use: cellulose (paper), tows (ropes), textiles, acoustic isolation materials, heat insulation materials, construction, felt, building insulation. Pressed in bales of 600x800x800 mm that weight approximately 70 kg.

Hemp shives is the internal part of the plant, it is pulp that forms approximately 70% of the plant with a minimum addition of staple and without any dust. The hard part of pulp contains 45% cellulose, and 23% lignin. It can endure four times larger weight compared to wood-pulp (for example, pine tree), it also absorbs humidity 10 times better than straw. The low density makes shives ideal for construction, cattle-breeding (bedding), gardening (mulch), bioplastic, biocomponent materials. Shives is offered in standard (up to 22 mm) size. Shives is packed in “BIG BAG” bags (900x900x1900 mm) with the average weight of 220 kg.

Price: 912 €/per tonne +VAT

(price doesn't include transport expenses, min. 3000 kg)

Price: 397 €

/per tonne +VAT

(price doesn't include transport expenses, min. 1500 kg)

Bleached Hemp Fibre

Hemp Seeds Finola®

Bleached hemp fibre is a specific, and unique product. During bleaching, appealing light colour is obtained. It is mainly used in handicraft, it is ideal for spinning with spinning-wheel that adds value as 100% manual work, as well as in other industries where the appearance of the bleached fibre is important. The finest staple is used in production of bleached fiber; therefore, craftsmen prefer this material.

Organically grown, certified hemp seeds Finola®.  The exceptional fatty acid profile in Finola® hempseed oil offers a rich source of the two essential fatty acids (EFAs); omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA 22%) and omega-6 linoleic acid (LA 56%), in addition to significant amounts of gamma linolenic acid (GLA 4%) and stearidonic acid (SDA 2%). Finola® is the shortest and fastest auto-flowering variety of hemp. The crop typically begins to flower at 25-30 days after sowing, with males flowers being the easiest to see.

Price: 12,37 €/kg +VAT

(price doesn't include transport expenses, min. 100kg)
Price: 2,12 €/kg +VAT
(price doesn't include transport expenses, min. 1000 kg)




Used in furniture production, heat insulation, acoustic isolation, and finishes, etc.



Can be used in construction, and garden landscaping, etc.



Used in horse-breeding, and ensuring hygiene for domestic animals, etc.



Natural, and bleached staple is used in construction, handicraft, and finishes with aesthetic requirements, paper production, etc.


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